Saturday, 28 January 2012

Seven Deadly Sins walkthrough

You have 14 days to commit all 7 deadly sins (Lust, Pride, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony, Envy).

Get the leaf and watch in the forest, the shampoo in the hair saloon and get as drunk as you can without fainting. Talk to the girl with the black shirt (you can give this girl all the items that you can get for free, unlike the other two girls who might reject some of them). Give her all these stuff, and also buy some absinthes for her. You don't need to get the lust-o-meter to the maximum. After you give her 2 or 3 absinthes, walk out of wherever you are, and if the game asks you which girl you want, choose the girl with the black shirt. The next time you meet her ask her how she is, and if she asks you to get a beer, say yes. From here, you can either drink all the shots you can (note that if you spill one shot, you have to find the girl again) or you can just grab her tit. You can drink as many shots as you want, but you can grab her tit anytime you don't feel like trying to get the shots. Either way, you complete this sin.

Get your looks to 30, then go talk to the guy standing on the stage and answer his questions in this order. No, Yes, I like my hair, Yes, I like my hair, No, No, I like my hair, Yes, Yes. Play the game, and try not to screw up. You will definitely win and complete the sin.

Get past the two levels of your work place (just work and fire lousy people and hire people with maximum green bars). When you go into the door to talk to your boss take the $50. You complete this sin when you get the $50.

Sleep while your health is full. You might have to try to sleep a few times before this can happen, but you will eventually complete this sin.

Fight your friend in the Nobody Inn. If you win, you complete this sin.

Eat 8 burgers from McTrevors. When you puke you complete this sin.

Fight the old guy in the forest and get his binoculars. Go to the condominium and use the binoculars. The windows will light up randomly, so aim the binoculars at whichever window is lit up at the time. If you don't have enough time to complete this sin, try again.

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