Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Doodle Devil walkthough


Human (Starting element)
Apple (Starting element)
Knowledge (Human + Apple)
Sin (Human + Apple)
Water (Starting element)
Fire (Starting element)
Earth (Starting element)
Air (Starting element)
Man (Starting element)
Woman (Starting element)
Beast (Starting element)
Chaos (Starting element)
Darkness (Starting element)
Light (Starting element)
Order (Starting element)
Sex (Man + Woman)
Life (Man + Woman)
Friendship (Man + Man)
Death (Life + Man)
Corpse (Life + Man)
Lust (Sin + Sex)
Zombie (Life + Corpse)
Werewolf (Human + Beast)
Steam (Fire + Water)
Energy (Fire + Air)
Lava (Fire + Earth)
Stone (Water + Lava)
Metal (Fire + Stone)
Electricity (Energy + Metal)
Pride (Sin + Sin)
Book (Human + Knowledge)
Politician (Human + Pride)
Weapon (Human + Metal)
Blood (Weapon + Human)
Vampire (Blood + Human)
Suffering (Human + Fire)
Seeds (Apple + Earth)
Tree (Seeds + Earth)
Mushroom (Seeds + Earth)
Grass (Seeds + Earth)
Ash (Fire + Tree)
Tobacco (Fire + Grass)
House (Human + Stone)
War (Politician + Pride)
Worm (Earth + Life)
Fish (Beast + Water)
Frankenstein (Corpse + Electricity)
Coffee (Seeds + Energy)
Work (Coffee + Human)
Sloth (Sin + Work)
Car (Sloth + Human)
Robot (Sloth + Knowledge)
Angel (Light + Life)
Prayer (Angel + Human)
Heavens (Prayer + Human)
Religion (Prayer + Human)
Heresy (Religion + Sin)
Psychology (Heresy + Human)
Atheism (Heresy + Human)
Diseases (Tobacco + Human)
Rat (Beast + Diseases)
Dove (Rat + Air)
Sect (Heresy + Religion)
Radio Wave (Electricity + Air)
Food (Weapon + Beast)
Gluttony (Food + Sin)
Demon (Darkness + Beast)
Soul (Demon + Human)
Magic (Demon + Energy)
Witch (Magic + Woman)
Egg (Magic + Stone)
Snake (Egg + Worm)
Cthulhu (Water + Demon)
Dragon (Magic + Egg)
Hydra (Snake + Beast)
Murder (Sin + Corpse)
Wrath (Sin + Weapon)
Inferno (Human + Murder)
Money (Soul + Demon)
Greed (Sin + Money)
Theft (Sin + Money)
Envy (Sin + Greed)
Copyright (Demon + Order)
Lawyer (Copyright + Human)
Gambling (Human + Greed)
Mechanism (Metal + Work)
Censored (Sex + Mechanism)
TV (Mechanism + Demon)
Computer (TV + Book)
Cellphone (Computer + Radio Wave)
Internet (Computer + Computer)
Artificial Intelligence (Life + Computer)
Cyborg (Artificial Intelligence + Robot)
Sulphur (Inferno + Air)
Acid (Water + Sulphur)
Oil (Earth + Knowledge)
TNT (Oil + Acid)
Bomb (TNT + Metal)
Poison (Tobacco + Coffee)
Nuclear Bomb (Mushroom + Bomb)

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