Friday, 6 January 2012

Death Row walkthrough


Hector starts off with 15 Health, 15 Mood, 15 Respect, 10 Work Ethic and $200.
Your mission is to find all 8 clues before 15 days are up (and Hector dies).
Buy all the furniture that you can. 7 of the clues can only be found after you've bought the furniture.
Sleeping will let Hector regain Energy, but switching off the light will allow Hector to gain Mood. Allow him to gain 2 Mood, then 1 Mood, then switch it on again. This is because the next thing that will happen will make Hector get angry.
Try to get Hector's Stats (i.e. Mood, Health, Work Ethic and Respect) to the maximum and not let them reach 0. If any of them reach 0, Hector will either die or kill himself. Also, your Stats will affect your Reformed percentage. A higher Reformed percentage will give you a higher chance of the Governor accepting your request.

#1: Window
#2: Blanket
#3: Plant
#4: Rug
#5: Table
#6: Newly-bought toilet (Not the old one)
#7: TV
#8: Dustbin

Immediately find Hector's favourite job. It could be any of the choices, so try until you know which one it is. Once you find it, make him work until he runs out of energy (or when the day ends). Note that occasionally Hector will do something dumb at work and he will be sent back to his cell (and something bad happens). With higher Work Ethic, Hector will work harder and faster, therefore the amount of cash he earns will increase.

Apple: +5 Health, -6 Mood, -$4
Cheese:  +4 Enegy, -4 Health, -$8
Coffee: +6 Sleep, - 3 Health, -$8
Hamburger: +12 Mood, -6 Health, -$12
Donut: +15 Mood, +5 Health, -$20
Cola: +15 Energy,  -5 Health, -$10
Broccoli: -10 Mood, +10 Health, -$18
Chicken Bucket: +25 Mood, -10 Health, -$40
Ice Cream: +15 Mood, - 7 Health, -$22

BOOKS (Costs $60 per book, maximum 1 book at any one time.)

Healthy Living: +4 Health
Improving your Mood: +4 Mood
Respecting the Law: +4 Respect
Working Harder: +4 Work Ethic
Bomb making: -4 Mood
After reading a few books, Hector will stop reading them until the next day.

TV (Costs $150)

Chance of: +4 Mood, +4 Work Ethic, -4 Respect, +4 Respect.
After watching it a few times, there won't be any effect from the TV until the next day.

Lessons: You have a chance of +20 Health, +20 Respect, +20 Work Ethic, -30 Mood.
Game: There will be an increase of Mood.
Hack the Pentagon: The computer will be confiscated, and you lose 90 Mood. Believe me, you don't want this. The computer costs $1200 and you'll work your ass off just so that you can get the computer again.
Emailing the Governor: The Moment of truth has come. If you succeed, the Governor will email you the code to get you out of jail, and you just need to type the code into the bar found on the clues page to win the game. If you don't succeed...then Hector kills himself.

If you want to be a loser...then fine. Type the following codes into the bar on the clues page.
OLLIE29: Maxed Stats
NESS28: $100000

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