Monday, 2 January 2012

Portal Defenders walkthrough


TOM FULP (immediately available)
Damage 7, Speed 3, Health 8, Special 2.
DAN PALADIN (immediately available)
Damage 3, Speed 8, Health 3, Special 7.
APRIL FULP (Finish the game with Tom Fulp to unlock this character)
Damage 3, Speed 9, Health 1, Special 3.
BOB (Finish the game with Dan Paladin to unlock this character)
Damage 9, Speed 1, Health 9, Special 3.
LIL' JIM (Get 80% on the P-bot cleanup mini-game to unlock this character)
Damage 5, Speed 5, Health 5, Special 5.
MIKE (Finish the game without using bombs to unlock this character)
Damage 5, Speed 4, Health 3, Special 9.

LEVEL 1: 3 minions, then 3 minions with the boss. The 6 minions do not have any special powers, so just use your character to bash them up. The boss can throw a ball of yarn at you, so move away whenever there is a large target on the floor. You can use this to your advantage, though. You can move towards the minions or the boss, and let the boss throw the ball of yarn at you. It will explode on contact with the floor, so whoever it hits will definitely be injured.
LEVEL 2: 3 minions, then 3 minions with the boss. The 6 minions are able to send big wheels on the floor towards you, but they stop after a few steps, so you can either jump to avoid them or move backwards. The boss can slam the floor, so if you are near him you will get smashed too. Jump or move away from the boss to avoid this. He will occasionally run to the top (or the bottom) of the arena and start punching blue goldfish at you. While doing this, he will move towards the opposite end, and when he reaches the end he will be panting. Also, the boss will also randomly stop in the middle of chasing you and just laugh randomly. Make use of these two chances to beat him up.
MINI-GAME 1: You will be in the P-bot machine. Move the machine around to spread some foam on the floor. Try to move so that you can cover the maximum amount of floor before you run out of time.
LEVEL 3: 3 minions, then 3 minions with the boss. The minions can blast some blue arrows at you, so to avoid them just move out of the way. The boss can hit you from rather far away, and can charge and smash into you. The boss can also shoot 3 missiles at you, so make use of this advantage by running and allowing the moving target to land on the space that the boss is at. The missiles will hit the boss.
MINI-GAME 2: Jump on the slots. The correct alignment should be a crown, a pile of shit and a thumbs up. Then, some golden crowns, piles of shit and thumbs ups will fall from the sky. Go ahead and take them all, since they replenish your health. Hope you didn't eat any body parts that flew from your enemies (if any at all) just now.
LEVEL 4: 2 minions, then 3 minions, then the 2 bosses. The 5 minions can send a red wave towards you, so move away if you don't want to be hit. The bosses, namely Stamper and Jeff, are completely different. Stamper runs fast and hits you by spinning round, and can shoot blue rings at you. When Jeff whistles, he will run over and Jeff will inflate him, and he floats around and drops pink bubbles, which will trap you if you don't get out of the way. Jeff, on the other hand, runs very slowly, and can either give you a fiery uppercut or a hook, or shoot a fireball at you. The trick is to hit Stamper first, and try to kill him. If he floats up, he will just float around until you hit him enough times to deflate him. When he is dead, turn your attention to Jeff. If you have lost any health, quickly eat all the body parts you can find.
LEVEL 5: You face off with Wadolf, the boss. He will either karate chop you, or use his mouth and blast you with some blue light. If you manage to get in some hits, he will teleport away, and summon 2 zombies to fight you. These zombies are dangerous because they can eat the body parts that you might have left behind (since they're zombies) and they can still hit you while you're hitting them, unlike the other minions. Thank god that the maximum number of zombies at any one point of time is 3 zombies. You can make use of Wadolf's mouth to get rid of the zombies. While he is blasting away, lure the zombies into the light by standing on the other side of the light. While he is blasting, he's vulnerable to attacks, so if you're not being blasted, run behind Wadolf and beat him up. Unlike the other levels, you do not need to kill all the minions to pass the level. Therefore, killing Wadolf is the priority here, so if there are any zombies, ignore them and get to Wadolf.

FIRST BLOOD: Hit an enemy once.
BIG FUZZY HUG: Kill BigFuzzyKitten.
FISHMONGER: Kill Psycho-Goldfish.
JUMP-MAN: Jump once.
EXASPERATED: View the walkthrough (obviously not this one. Click on the medal icon.)
CHAMBER MAID: Kill Mindchamber.
KITTY LITTER: Finish level 1 without being hit.
ZOMBIIEEZ: Eat 5 brains.
AMBIGUOUS DUO: Kill Stamper and Jeff.
NOSE DIVER: Lose every level.
VEGAN: Don't eat anything at all.
BFFS: Finish the game with Tom and Dan.
OVER-ACHIEVER: Finish the game with all 6 characters.
FINESSER: Don't use any bombs.
BOM-NIVORE: Kill the guy who made this level (BomToons).
DOER OF RADICAL WRONG: Kill the level 3 minions.
HORDE FIGHTER: Kill 20 zombies.
JUGGLER: Get a juggle combo of 30.
CREDITZ: Watch the entire credits without skipping.
KONAMI: While waiting for the game to load, press in this order: up up down down left right left right.
ZAMBONI: Get 80% for the P-bot's cleanup mini-game.
HOLLOW WEINER: Finish the game in Halloween mode.

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