Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Doodle God 2 walkthrough


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Void (Starting element)
Radio Wave (Void + Electricity)
Radiation (Radio Wave + Radio Wave)
Lightbulb (Glass + Void)
Rocket (Airplane + Void)
Plasma (Energy + Fire)
Coffee (Energy + Seeds)
Quicksilver (Water + Metal)
Palm Tree (Sand + Tree)
Philosopher's Stone (Demigod + Quicksilver)
Laser (Fire + Radio Wave)
TV (Radio Wave + Lightbulb)
Sun (Plasma + Void)
Satellite (Rocket + Void)
CD (Book + Laser)
Computer (Book + TV)
Internet (Computer + Computer)
Flower (Grass + Sun)
Plutonium (Radiation + Metal)
Cyborg (Human + Computer)
Cellphone (Computer + Radio Wave)
Apple (Flower + Tree)
Sunflower (Flower + Sun)
Nuclear Bomb (Plutonium + Weapon)
Gold (Apple + Cellphone)

Commandments (Starting element)
Absinthe (Alcohol + Grass)
Tavern (Alcoholic + House)
Pirate (Alcoholic + Ship)
Pie (Apple + Dough)
Virus (Bacteria + Human)
Cheese (Bacteria + Milk)
Cat (Beast + House)
Dog (Beast + House)
Knowledge (Book + Human)
B-52 (Coffee + Vodka)
Religion (Human + Commandments)
Death Metal (Corpse + Electricity)
Caviar (Egg + Fish)
Sugar (Field + Reed)
Soldier (Firearm + Warrior)
Russian Roulette (Firearm + Vodka)
Steak (Fire + Meat)
Molotov Cocktail (Fire + Vodka)
Clock (Glass + Sand)
Ice (Glass + Water)
Money (Gold + Paper)
Work (Human + Money)
Music (Human + Reed)
Astronaut (Human + Rocket)
Fun (Human + Sex)
Censored (Sex + Sex)
Alien (Life + Void)
White Russian (Milk + Vodka)
Tequila (Worm + Vodka)
Sea (Water + Water)
Rum (Alcohol + Pirate)
Rock 'n' Roll (Alcohol + Music)
Hangover (Alcoholic + Money)
UFO (Alien + Rocket)
Cookies (Bread + Sugar)
Hacker (Computer + Virus)
Octopus (Fish + Knowledge)
Salt (Sea + Sun)
Scientist (Human + Knowledge)
Law (Religion + Human)
Sin (Religion + Human)
Ice Cream (Milk + Ice)
Medicine (Virus + Knowledge)
Bank (Money + Skyscraper)
Antibiotics (Medicine + Bacteria)
Debt (Bank + Money)
Rat (Medicine + Beast)
Ant (Beetle + Work)
Games (Law + Fun)
Policeman (Law + Soldier)
Mechanism (Law + Tools)
Freezer (Ice + Mechanism)
Typewriter (Book + Mechanism)
Credit Card (Debt + Money)
Journalist (Human + Typewriter)

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