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Stick War walkthrough

This is not the ultimate walkthrough of the game. This is merely the way I would play the game. It is guaranteed 100% successful. It may not be the most efficient way, but one of the most reliable.

MINER. This guy will get you money to buy units. You will get at least 1 miner every time you start a new level. If your miner dies, don't worry. You still gain money (albeit at a very slow rate), so when you have enough money buy a miner. Costs 250 gold.
SWORDWRATH. This guy is your most basic unit. However, I feel that this guy is one of the most important guys around. Costs 150 gold.
ARCHIDON. This guy is your archer. I think that this guy is rather useless, since it takes ages for him to fire, and you can't take charge of this guy because trying to shoot the arrow manually is torturing. Costs 400 gold.
SPEARTON. This guy is your upgraded version of the swordwrath. He can throw the spear and use a knife instead. Again, if you upgraded the swordwrath you don't need this guy. Costs 400 gold.
MAGIKILL. This guy is a mage. He can stun enemies and summon minions to attack them. This guy's really really useless because he can't actually damage the enemy, and his minions are useless (see below). Costs 1200 gold.
MINIONS. This guys are lousier than the swordwrath. These guys cannot be upgraded, so that means that they really, really suck at fighting. You can only use these guys if you actually deployed a magikill.
GIANT. This guy is very good for smashing down the enemy statue. He also stuns the enemies he smashes. He walks really slowly, but has a freaking high health. Costs 1400 gold.

MAN THE FORT: Your default state at the start of every level. Your units won't attack the enemy statue, but if the enemy units approach your statue they will attack the enemy units.
ATTACK: Your units will run to the enemy statue and attack it.
DEFENCE: Your units (including the miners) run back behind the line of arrows. Some archers will appear (depending on how many units you have, not how many archidons you have) and they will shoot arrows at the enemy units that approach your statue.

MINER: It's really quite simple. If the miner is near the enemy's line of arrows, all he needs to do is walk back and dump his gold there and the enemy can get units to kill you. So all you need to do is stand between him and the line of arrows, and while he's struggling to walk through you (which he can't) you can deal with other enemies first, or perhaps multiple miners.
SWORDWRATH: Before the swordwrath reaches you, press the spacebar. You need some time to execute the move, so he could attack you first. By giving yourself some buffer time you can kill him as soon as he reaches your face.
ARCHIDON: Kill this archidon by attacking him normally. However, you're going to need to avoid his arrows (unless you're a giant). Run zigzag to the archidon, and kill him by pressing the spacebar.
SPEARTON: Do the same as you would to the archidon (because the spearton can throw his spear at you), but once you reach the spearton you need a few hits before he dies.
MAGIKILL: Kill all the minions he sends your way, then run behind him. He can't stun you, and you can stab this pesky enemy in the back.
MINIONS: Do the same as you would to the swordwrath. There is only one difference. The minions are a little bit faster than the swordwrath, so you can either give yourself more buffer time, or just ignore the minion since they're really, really weak.
GIANT: You will need a few swordwrath, or even just one if you're good enough. Control one of the swordwrath and run round to the giant's behind. While you attack his behind, your backup will be attacking his front. He will (most of the time) smash the guys at the front, so you can continuously attack him. Eventually the giant will die. If you're doing it solo, then you're going to need to have maxed the swordwrath's speed. The swordwrath will need to run behind the giant, and when the giant turns to attack, run to his front and attack him. After he finishes his attack, run behind him and he'll have to turn around again. Rinse, wash, repeat. You could just let him attack you from the front, but you'll be unable to notice when he's about to attack you. Making him turn around can save you from some brutality that the giant can deal to you.

Just do the walkthrough. Just mine and mine and mine and mine and mine and mine etc. until you have enough money to get 18 swordwraths. Then press the attack button and watch the fun. Every time one swordwrath dies, get another swordwrath. After this level upgrade your miner's pick by 2 levels.

You start off with 3 miners. At the start of the level make as many swordwraths as possible. There will be 4 waves of barbarians (a bit like speartons that cannot throw spears). Take control of one of your miners, and mine continuously. when you have enough money just get another swordwrath. After this level upgrade your miner's pick by 1 level. Leave the extra 1 upgrade point for the next battle.

Take control of your solitary miner and work him to death. At the start of the level get as many swordwraths as you can. While you mine for gold any units that attack you will be fended off by these guards. After you have about 5 swordwraths take control of one of them and run to the enemy statue. If you meet any enemy swordwraths on the way, just kill them. When you have reached the enemy statue, kill the miners there, and start attacking the statue. At the same time, press the attack button for your backup. You can continue taking control of the swordwrath, or you can just let him do his thing, but its all up to you. After this level upgrade your swordwrath's club by 3 levels (now you know why leaving the extra upgrade point was essential).

Take control of a miner and mine as much as you can. At the start of the level buy as many swordwraths as possible. Again, these guys are like the guards. When you have enough swordwraths, take control of one of them and run to the enemy statue. If you meet any spearton on the way just kill them. They look tough but your sword is harder than their useless shields. Block against any thrown spears by pressing the Q button. When you reach the enemy statue kill all the miners there (if they havn't run away). Also, press the attack button for your backup. After awhile the spearton might make another appearance, but while your friends are dealing with them smash the statue. After you finished the level, upgrade your statue's gold intake by 2 levels.

Take control of your miner, and do your thing. Get 19 swordwraths, and (you don't have to take control of any of them) press the attack button. Turn this counterattack into a massacre. Every time of your swordwrath dies get another one. After you've massacred the swordwraths level up your statue's gold intake by 2 levels.

Take control of your miner and just mine. Get as many swordwraths as possible. Take control of one of them and kill all the minions the magikill will send your way (I told you they were weak) and kill the magikill. You may get stunned several times and you may have to take control of a new swordwrath, but you will finally make it to the enemy statue. Kill all the miners, and attack the statue with the help of your backup. Level up the miner's bag by 2 points.

As always, take control of the miner, and mine. Get as many swordwrath as you can, and take control of one of them. Send this suicide swordwrath to attack the enemy statue. He can kill any enemy swordwrath on the way, and attempt to kill all the enemy miners. When facing the defending archidons, retreat to a place where the arrows cannot reach and wait there for your miner to increase your gold. As soon as you get more or less 19 swordwraths get your backup here to smash the statue. Level up your swordwrath's speed by 2 points.

Take control of the miner and mine as usual. Get as many swordwrath as you can. This time, use the swordwrath and kill all the spearton and archidon in your way. If your swordwrath dies, get another one. Use this guy and smash the enemy statue down. This time, you may not actually need the backup, but you might want to speed things up a little. Finally, upgrade your miner's bag and swordwrath's speed by one level each.

Finally you've reached the giants level! As usual, take control of the miner, mine, get lots of swordwrath. This time, press the attack button after you have about 7 swordwraths in total. Move your swordwrath to the back of the incoming giant. Your other 6 swordwraths will attack the giant from the front, while you do much more damage from the back. Meanwhile, the giant will smash either your guys at the front, or you, so it is very likely that all 7 swordwrath will survive this giant. After he dies, get the 6 swordwrath to man the fort, while you run to the enemy statue and kill all the miners. Oh, and make sure you keep buying swordwrath all the time. When you have finally reached the 19 swordwrath, get the backup and smash the enemy statue. Level up your new unit, the giant's maximum health by 2 points.

Take control of the miner and get lots of swordwrath out. Control one of them and take on the giant the way it was described before. Of course, that's the only giant they're going to send at you, but you can now make your own giants. Get about 10 swordwrath, then get another miner, and work these two to death trying to get 1400 gold for your very first giant. By that time, the enemy swordwrath would have reached your side, and the giant will be just in time to stun all those pesky n00bs and let your swordwrath do the killing unhampered. Level up the giant's health by one point. You will definitely have an extra left, but it's rather useless since you won't be needing any of the other units AT ALL, and you will not be defending at all. Rather than let it go to waste, use it on the spearton's spear upgrade. The spearton would be the next most likely unit to be used as compared to the useless archidon or the magikill.

Follow the advice that was repeated billions of times already: Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, and take control of one of them. By the way, now that you can use lots of giants, make sure you have two miners. That way, your gold will increase twice as fast. Using your lone swordwrath, kill the giant ALONE. Don't waste the swordwrath, you'll need them later. Run around the giant, getting his attention from the front and attacking him from the back and vice versa. You probably won't get hit at all, but all the same, if your swordwrath died, control another one to kill this giant. After lots of fighting and killing of swordwrath, archidon, magikill and giants (for some reason there are no spearton in this level). Finally, you have 2 upgrade points! Use those two to fully upgrade your spearton's spear, and get a better shield for him.

Take control of a miner, get some gold, get lots of swordwrath, get another miner, and take control of one of the swordwrath. Kill all the random units that get in your way, and also when you have 1400 gold buy a giant so that he can take on the statue. When your giant's finally at the enemy statue, get all your swordwrath to go back and man the fort. Control the giant, and make him smash the statue. Being a giant, he can afford to ignore any archidon arrows since its only going to be 6 health damage. When the statue's finally smashed, wait for the unusually large giant inside to step out and turn red. Immediately after this happens, use your giant and attack him. Did I mention that you also have some giants attacking him from the front? After awhile (don't give up! It might be hard to kill him but he is actually a lot easier than you think he is.) the unusually large giant will die. Of course, if all your giants are dead and you have not enough money to get a new one, nor enough time to get the gold, use your swordwrath and kill him. End of game.

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