Thursday, 29 December 2011

Alice is Dead (parts 1, 2, 3) walkthrough


Part 1
1. Take the bottle on the floor.
2. Take the lower bone from the skeleton's leg.
3. Go left. Take the card in the hole.
4. Go left, and left again. Break the shovel, and take the rock.
5. Use the rock the sharpen the bone.
6. Go left, and look at the door. Use your sharpened bone to pick the door.
7. Go either right or left, then right. Go into the box, and through the door.
8. Fill the bottle with acid.
9. Go right. Insert the card into the card reader by the door.
10. Go right. Throw the acid at the web in front of the blue caterpillar.
11. Use the stick on the golden sap on the left of the caterpillar, and stick the broken glass to the sticky stick.
12. Stab the blue caterpillar with the spear. Take the key.
13. Go left, and use the key on the door.
14. Look at the suitcase and key in the password 829203. End of the game...for now.

Part 2
1. Take the strip of cloth from the bed.
2. Take a piece of broken glass from the mirror.
3. Flush the toilet, and while it's flushing look in the toilet bowl. Yes you read that right.
4. Take the nut that has magically appeared in the water.
5. Look at the pictures on the wall. The X ray pictures and the picture of a key.
6. Wrap the broken glass with the strip of cloth.
7. Go right and talk to the Mad Hatter.
8. If you want to be nice, always go for the first option. If you want to piss the Hatter off, go for the second option.
9. Go left and use your knife on Lewis.
10. Use the nut on the new hole in Lewis.
11. Click around on Lewis's stomach to find the soft spot, then use the knife to cut it open.
12. Click on the key. Then stab the worm with the knife.
13. Wait awhile, and you will be out of Lewis.
14. Go right twice and open the door.
15. Click on the black room. Try to ignore the sight of the dead guards.
16. Go right. Look at the computer.
18. If you want to get the secret medal, type in OYSTERCLOUD.
19. Go right and take the evidence from the safe.
20. Go right and click the few buttons on the wall beside the picture. Change the picture so that the guy has a chicken head, a heart in his chest and his hand will be throwing a coin backwards.
21. Wait awhile for the door to appear. Open the door, and use the button on the machine. End of game...for now.

Part 3
1. Go into the city. Check your phone. Take the brick along the sidewalk, and the coin inside the drain.
2. Look at the door. Break it open. If you want the Brain medal, use the coin on the alarm and just click on the red wire. Then click on the door. If you want the Brawn medal, you know what to do with the brick.
3. Check the telephone on the table. You have some missed calls. Listen to them by pressing the play button.
4. After you've heard the recordings, call the 2 numbers written on the paper beside the telephone.
5. Leave the telephone. Check your phone. Get out of your place, and go forward.
6. Take the pipe. If you want the Brain medal, go left and talk to Rulio. Always take the top option. Give Rulio the coin, and you'll get a mushroom. Go right twice and put the mushroom into the orange drink. Go left, then right and try to enter the bar. Go left, throw the pipe away and try again. If you want the Brawn medal, go right, smash the bouncers' faces with the pipe and try to enter the bar, go left and throw the pipe away, turn right and enter the bar.
7. Check your phone. Go left into the kitchen and set the temperature to 90 degrees.
8. Go right twice. Call the number on the mirror.
9. Go back into the kitchen, and look at the new hole in the slot machine. Set the odds to 1 in 1. If you want to get the secret medal, skip this step.
10. Go back into the kitchen, and play the slots. If you hadn't set the odds to 1 in 1, you're going to have to spin continuously until you get 3 grenades in a row, which might take some time but will definitely happen.
11. Leave the kitchen, and go back into the toilet. Look at the cubicles, and enter the third cubicle.
12. Enter the secret room, go right and try to enter the tubevator. Check your phone.
13. Go left twice and check your phone.
14. Go right and back out of the secret room. Go back to the toilet, the place in front of the singer and the kitchen and check for any tapes lying around. When you've found it, get out of the club and look in the dumpster. Go left and talk to Rulio.
15. Go back all the way to the secret room, and go left. Play the videotapes on the TV screen on the dead guy's head.
16. Go back to the tubevator and check your phone.
17. Get back to the toilet, and check the lower middle box under the mirror, and take the "present".
18. Go back to the tubevator, check your phone for the last time, and take the tubevator.
19. You died. End of game...for real.

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